CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 - “Kiss of Death”

CLOT x NIKE AIR MAX 1 - “Kiss of Death”

Back in 2006, Edison Chen, Kevin Poon and their the Hong Kong based streetwear label, CLOT, teamed up with Nike, creating one of the most unique Air Max 1 ever.

15 years later, CLOT and Swoosh are bringing back “K.O.D” to celebrate 15th

Throughtout all of CLOT’s work with Nike, there is a clear connection toward the Chinese culture, whether it’s the homage to the Terracotta Army, silk material or even the foot reflexology of the shoe. 

The most noticeable difference between the 2006 and 2021 model is the new updated colour on the heel.

Inspired by the practise of Chinese foot massage, the 2006 air max 1 insoles features a outline of a humans foot surrounded by Chinese characters and arrows which are pointed towards certain pressure points used in Chinese practise. Now in 2021 the idea has been improved and taken to another level by the way of a list of focal points that extend beyond the lower body.

The 2006 model wasn’t a very breathable shoe. Much like ESPO’s Air Force 2 collab, the shoes window would fog when worn without sock. This has changed in the new 2021 model. 

For the 2021 version, CLOT have opt to keep the initialism as the shoe has the nickname “Kiss of Death”, in the effort to remain sensitive towards current situation and events around the world.


Available exclusively in-store.